Monday, December 14, 2009

2008 United Nations Day Celebration - Doña Ata

Here are a crowd of students from Doña Ata Elementary School who made a parade during the celebration of United Nations Day 2008 and each grade level has contributed a performance for every country in the world. It has been a long day celebration and all the kids enjoyed each dance number, group singers and surprises during the program that was attended by their parents and teachers.

It is one way of expressing their gratitude to those who have helped from local and even international sponsors in improving the school facilities of the school. They also want to thank the government officials of Valenzuela who have continually contributed raffle prizes, new academic books and maintained the "Feeding Program" to keep these children healthy throughout the school year.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Help Less Fortunate Children, Adopt a School Program

Welcome to our blog visitors, donors and sponsors of our program!

Doña Ata Elementary School located in the Philippines has more than 800 enrolled elementary students and this is the official blog of the school to post important activities and events of the school and share it to the world.

The blog is the first project of the public school to be announced online entitled:
Adopt A School Program.

The goal is to help augment the quality of education in public schools in the Philippines. We are striving to upgrade the education standards of our country through donations and sponsorships from local and international groups, charitable institutions, both the private and public sectors who have the same common good to participate in these charitable programs of helping less fortunate children get quality education and develop the facilities of our public school.

Using this official blog as a medium to connect to the world, the chil
dren of Doña Ata Elementary School are still in high hopes that their dream of having a school with complete facilities like computers and complete set of learning books to educate their young minds is not impossible by getting support from any person, business establishments, charitable institutions or even from blog readers contributions to click on ads here that can generate revenues to materialize their simple dreams.

These small actions will be cherished by these kids throughout their lives and bring back smiles to their faces because of a small deed acted by each of our blog visitors and even just a dollar donation in our Paypal account ( contributes a small step to achieve their dreams in small steps.

Achieving Quality Education in Public Schools

This is a big challenge for us but we are backed-up by our strong belief and local and international supporters who were with us in materializing this dream every step of the way. To these people, they do not realize the joy they brought back to these kids on a regular basis by providing Feeding Programs, new school books and Tshirts. To them, small things means a lot and they bring back the good deeds through programs in school and through their own little prayers to bless these good Samaritans in all their undertakings.

Even through recession and other challenges that we now face in this world today, I firmly believe that most of you that are now reading this blog wanted to contribute in their own little way. Just the thought of it reminds us that the world still live as one and to all of you out there...

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts...

DAES-PTA [Parent Teacher Association]
Elected Officers Vi

~ Provide Quality Education for the Less
Privileged Children ~

2008 United Nations presentation of grade school children

This is where our goal started and targets by the DAES Parent Teacher Association Officers is to accumulate funds through the web and local activities of income-generating projects to help these children attain the best education even from a public school.

By helping us even just sending any amount that you can donate using either Paypal (Worldwide) or Moneybookers (UK & Europe) accounts will be a great help to the success of this program. Click your preferred button below and you will be directed to a secured site of your chosen payment gateway.


If by chance that you currently have a tight budget, you can still contribute to our Cause by clicking in any Google Ads in this blog. It will be a big contribution if all of our blog visitors, wherever you are in the world, may participate in their own little way, spending just 2 seconds of your time and make your surfing experience be worthwhile in doing a good deed for these children.

We want to prove to these poor children that nothing is impossible to achieve their dreams as long as they have faith in their hearts and believe that the world will bring back hope in their hearts and smiles in their faces.

All proceeds of you have shared will be for upgrading the facilities of the public school by acquiring computers and maintain our current Feeding Program on a daily basis for the indigent school children who goes to school without food in their stomachs.
Purchase additional school textbooks to accommodate one textbook per subject per student. Provide more school materials such as notebooks, ballpens, pencils, etc. for those school children who cannot afford it.

Let Us Be One In Achieving This Goal
In Our Own Little Way...

For those who wanted to join us achieve this goal and spread your act of goodwill, please email us your preferred funding gateway and your website link. Indicate in the subject line: "Donation for Adopt a School Program" and your website link in the body for a free consultation from us. You may send donations in the following gateway: Paypal, E-gold, Moneybookers, Western Union, Wire Transfers, Money Gram or any gateway you prefer. Please send us the details for confirmation and your website link. Thank you.

Repainting of Classrooms last June, 2009 - Brigada Eskwela Program

To Our Sponsors and Donors, Thank You from the Bottom of Our Hearts!

From: Doña Ata Elementary School Students

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Clayton Transcription Project
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Symphony Learning Provides Supplemental Math Interventions 
Environmental Development and Education Network [EDEN Foundation for the T-shirt Donation ]
Tyson Sy Foundation [Fe
eding Program]
Vice Mayor Eric Martinez [Upgrading of School Facilities]
Congressman Magi Gunigundo [Textbooks Contribution]
Valenzuela Mayor Win Gatchalian [Beautification Project]

And even to those individuals who were happy to be "Anonymous Donors" of this program...

For our blog visitors who wanted to help in your own little way, use any of the Google links of this blog as a sign of your full support to uplift the quality of education for these children who still believes that the world is still a better place to live in...

Your contribution will be a great help for the success of our Adopt a School Program that will benefit our school children! Send any donation amount to any of these payment gateway. Send us your name, company name or website details when sending your donations so we can update your details in this blog.


Benefits of Sponsors and Donors

Our list of Sponsors and Donors are given special discounts
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Web Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Voice Transcription and various Data Conversion.

Other Donors/Sponsors of our program can email their website link and we will include them in this blog as a sign of our gratitude for supporting our humble goal that will benefit our children.


"Whoever welcomes one of these children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me"

May God Bless the World In the Upcoming Birthday of His Only Son...